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•    The MC War (1997)
A lethal gangster war went on between the Hells Angels and Bandidos in 1996. The documentary follows the members of the two gangs in their everyday life and when they participate in the war. (Broadcasted at TV2/Denmark)

•    The Secret Service I-III (1998)
The biggest exposé in recent times of the Danish intelligence service. The documentary reveals how a civilian man was used by the intelligence service to monitor, infiltrate and register legal political parties and organisations. A commission of inquiry subsequently concluded in a 4600-page report that the Secret Service broke the law on several occasions. (Broadcasted at TV2/Denmark)

•    Doctor Death (1999)
In 1996 a female doctor got sentenced for life for the murder of three people. The question is whether the evidence was valid? This documentary checks the evidence and questions the conviction. (Broadcasted at TV2/Denmark)

•    The Experiment (2001)
About Denmark’s practice of the isolation of prisoners. This documentary focus on the psychological damages and takes a closer look at the effects on human beings being isolated. (Broadcasted at TV2/Denmark)

•    The Agent I-II (2002-2004)
Uncovering how the Danish police and the Secret Service illegally approved a former senior member of Hells Angels and Bandidos to infiltrate the two groups. The agent’s work is revealed and several officials and police officers subsequently left the force. (Broadcasted at TV2/Denmark)

•    Honour Killing, I-II (2003) Intn.
In this moving documentary we hear the tragic story of Danish-Turkish Sengül whose boyfriend was the victim of an honour killing in Denmark. We accompany her back to Turkey to confront her father, who killed her boyfriend eighteen years before. (Broadcasted TV2/Denmark and others)

•    With Death on The Pitch (2006) Intn.
An investigative documentary that discovers why international football players are dying sudden deaths in disturbing numbers. (Broadcasted at TV2/Denmark and others)

•    A Care Home From Hell (2006)
Uncovering how employees at a large nursing home treat the elderly residents. Produced with hidden camera. (Broadcasted at Danish National Broadcast)

•    Are You Stupid? (2007)
An exposé of the employees at a large home for mentally disabled people. Abuse is unveiled with hidden camera. (Broadcasted at TV2/Denmark)

•    The Dirty Opera (2008)
Uncovers working conditions in the Chinese granite disputations where A.P. Moller Maersk bought granite for the new Opera in Copenhagen. The workers are exposed to major health risks and sometimes-occupational death. (Broadcasted at Ekstrabladet TV)

•    The Accidental Terrorist (2009) Intn.
Cem Aslan is a well-integrated Danish Muslim of Turkish origin and a student at the University of Aalborg. In The Accidental Terrorist, he wonders how it is possible that Abdulkadir Cesur, a young man of about his age and with a similar background, ended up in a Bosnian prison charged with terrorism. (Broadcasted at TV2/Denmark and others)

•    The Dark Side of Chocolate (2009) Intn.
An international blockbuster documentary about trafficking of children and slavery in the international chocolate industry. For the first time it is documented how the trafficking is executed, where the children end up and how they work as slaves in the cocoa plantations. (Broadcasted at ARD and others)

    Shady Chocolate (2012) Intn.
Does the chocolate industry deliver on its own promises? In this investigative film we find out if the chocolate industry speak the truth, when they say that they provide education, medical care etc for the children of the Ivory Coast. (Broadcasted at ARD and others)

    Hunting For Child Slaves (2013) Intn.
Miki sets out to investigate whether trafficking of children is still widespread in spite of the chocolate industry’s insistence on the contrary. (Broadcasted online at SnapDocs)

•    The Painful Truth (2014)
Sexually abused as a child, sent away as a teenager, involuntarily committed as an adult. Now 57-year-old Ann-Mari confronts her father for decades of sexual abuse, lies and manipulation. (Broadcasted online at SnapDocs)

•    The Gangsters From The East (2015) Intn.
Theft, handling of stolen goods and economic crimes worth millions.
Criminal Romanians more rampant in Denmark than ever before. We go undercover to reveal an avalanche of crime. Everything from simple theft, brutal home robberies, and financial fraud. (Broadcasted at TV3)

•    The Chase, 12 episodes of 42’’ (2015-2016)
Revealing paedophiles, drug traffickers, animal abusers, drugs dealers, home scammers, prostitution kingpins and finding murders on the run. (Broadcasted at TV3)

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