On a summer day in 2013, I got a new idea about how to tell a documentary story online. The online format is SnapDocs and it is an online documentary format based on DNA and how we as users behave online. Since its launch the format has been online on EB.dk, and it brought me to Time Inc. UK in London.

But before my digital revelation came, I had produced more than 50 documentaries and specials for Danish and international broadcasters. Most of my films have been shown on TV2/Denmark and Danish National Broadcast DR and has been based on investigative projects.

My films have been based on topics like MC gangs, the health care system, agents, assassins, murderers, nursing homes, slavery, criminals, nobles and pedophiles. I have also documented the dark side of our society – things you don’t usually get a insight of.

My most famous film is undoubtedly The Dark Side of Chocolate, which aired in 2009. It reveals how child slaves, who are victims of trafficking in West Africa, produce our favourite chocolates. The film was subsequently sold and broadcasted in more than 30 different countries and has been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube.

I’m often asked what film I’m most proud of. It is impossible to answer. But The Dark Side of Chocolate film is definitely in my top 3, together with my revelations about the Danish Secret Police (PET) and their use of an agent inside political parties. The films were shown on TV2 in 1998 and created the biggest publicity in recent years, and a commission of inquiry, who worked for 10 years.

Also on my list are the revelations of Strandvænget on TV2 in 2006. With hidden cameras we revealed how a number of staff treated mental health suffering residents without spoken language. It was not a pretty sight … Also near the top of my list is The Honor Killing from 2003, which aired on TV2 and was about a young Turkish woman who got back to Turkey to find her father, who had killed her then-teenage boyfriend in cold blood in front her 16 years earlier. In the film we see how she her father reacts. Today it remains a film that can still not leave my thoughts …

Over the last three years I have focused on digital development. The SnapDocs format reached audiences of up to 260,000 on EB.dk, while the TV series The Chase on TV3 had ratings of up to 123,000.

I have also successfully developed an online debate format called Frontalt, which was shown at eb.dk. It follows the debate between Inger Støjberg and the salafist Adnan Avdic in the summer of 2013. Over 227,000 viewers watched the debate on eb.dk.

As of today, I am now developing new television formats, that can be viewed both online and broadcast television in the English Market.