In 2008, I suddenly woke up in the night with a wild thought about a crazy journalist and it wouldn’t leave my mind. I did not recognise him, though, I thought I had seen him before. Maybe it was a nightmare. In the morning, I sat and wrote down those thoughts, which became the foundation for my debut novel, Solo.

I had never dreamt of being a novelist but that all changed in 1999, when my colleague Søren Steen Jespersen and I were invited to write a factual book on the Danish Secret Service (PET) scandal, which we had created after three revealing documentaries on TV2 in 1998. We got the book, ’The Secret Service’, published by the Aschehoug Publishing (today Lindhardt & Ringhof).

Since then I have co-authored anthologies and biographies, about everything from the sex industry, power in politics and inside MC gangs. However, my last three novels revolve around what I know best; crime, journalism and people.

My newest novel came out in 2017; it is a thriller called ‘The Light Erases The Words From The Night’, which is about a young journalist who dies by what appears to be a terrorist attack in Copenhagen. But why does he end up dead in front of a famous fountain in Copenhagen? It is a novel about faith, hope and terrorism


Here is the list of my published books (all in Danish)

  • Magtens Bog (2002)
  • Power Magt (2003)
  • Den Hemmelige Tjeneste – da PET blev afsløret (1999)
  • Dan Lynge – mit dobbeltliv (2005)
  • SOLO (novel 2009)
  • SPIN (novel 2011)
  • MAGT (novel 2012)
  • Bad Standing (2016)
  • Lyset Slette Nattens ord (novel 2017)
Magt Solo Spin Magt Solo Spin Miki Mistrati