Since the late ’90s I have been lecturing regularly at the Danish Journalism School DMJX in Aarhus in basic research. I have also been responsible for journalist interns since 2000.

Today I’m associated with the two NGO’s, International Media Support (IMS) and Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) where I regularly teach journalists in Yemen, Jordan and Egypt. I teach primary investigative journalism and digital communication.

Alongside the journalistic teaching, over the last few years I have taught Masters students in practical CSR policy at Copenhagen Business School, CBS.

I have extensive experience lecturing for organisations, schools, colleges, universities, associations in Denmark. Abroad, I have lectured in the following locations:

Dubai (BoldTalk) • Jordan (IMS/ARIJ) • Egypt (WAN-IFRA) • UK (City University London) • Italy (schools and organisations) • Germany(schools, communities) • Austria (schools and communities) • Sweden (communities) Greenland (KNR) • Belgien (European Parliament) • Holland (Company) • Polen • Kyrgisistan (America University of Central Asia) • Spain (Burgos University)


Miki Mistrati