”The central dilemma in journalism is that you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Said by a journalistic role model of mine – The Watergate journalist Bob Woodward. This quote is central to my journalism and maybe the reason why I have been so lucky to receive so many awards. It is all about focus and not being disturbed by spin on the outside.


  • Nils Ufer Award (DK 1998)
  • News Award of the Year (DK – 2002)
  • Cavling Award – Danish Pulitzer (DK -2004)
  • Victor Award (DK – 2008)
  • Documentary of the Year (Dk – 2009)
  • UNDPI Bronze (Intn – 2011)
  • New York Festivals GOLD (Intn – 2011)
  • Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto – Best Documentary Award (Intn – 2011)
  • The World Television Award (Intn – 2014)
  • Like TV Award (DK – TV3)
  • Prix Italia, Best current affairs, 2010 (Italy)


The Cavling x 3,TV-Oscar x 2, Documentary of the Year, News Prize, IDFA, Roma Fiction Festival,

The Hampton Int. Film Festival, Best Social Documentary at the 17th Shanghai TV Festival (The Magnolia Award)

UN film festival 2011. Adolf Grimme Prize 2012 (Germany) The Cinema for Peace Best documentary of 2012 award (Germany)

Festival delle Terre 2013 (Italy) Food+Media Award 2013 (Denmark) Lands Festival 2013 (Italy), UNAFF Award 2013 (USA),

One World Award 2014 (Czech), Web Program Festival International 2014 (France), Bir Duino intn. Fil Festival 2014 (Kyrgyzstan)

Miki Mistrati