Miki Mistrati

My name is Miki Mistrati and I have been a journalist since 1994.

I directed my first documentary in 1996, about the gang war between the Hells Angeles MC and Bandidos MC gangs. It was released in 1997 on Danish national television TV2/Denmark. Since then I have produced and directed more than 50 films and features to Danish and international broadcasters.

I’m the creator of the successful digital online formats ‘SnapDocs’ and ‘Frontalt’, reaching large online audiences.

I’m the Director of the two successful documentaries ‘The Dark Side of Chocolate‘ and ‘Shady Chocolate‘, both broadcasting in 25+ countries and was viewed online more than 1,500,000 times.

I’ve directed and produced more than 50 documentaries for Danish (DR and TV2) and international broadcasters. Co-producing with the Danish Film Institute (DFI).

20+ years experience in journalism for TV, print and online as chief executive and journalist.

Former presenter and producer of the online documentary format ‘SnapDocs’ and ‘The Chase’, which broadcasted on TV3/Denmark. Debate host at ‘Frontalt’ – an online format.

Special skills are storytelling, concept developing, creative developing, investigative reporting, television production and social media strategies

Producer of foreign and current affairs in Europe.

Founder and co-owner of a film production company with 40 employees and a turnover of 5,500,000 euros.

International network is substantial and used to travel, especially in African and Arab countries. Have worked in Somalia, Yemen, Mali, Angola, Saudi Arabia and Sudan, to name a few. I have a huge network.

Working for International Media Support (IMS) and ARIJ – both NGO’s on media.

Winner of 10 journalism awards and has been nominated 19 times in 8 countries. My production company are winner of the ‘Sundance Award’ (USA), ‘Hot Docs Award’ (Canada), Silver Wolf Award’ (Holland) ‘One World Media Award’ (Czech).

I have written 4 novels plus 3 non-fiction and 2 fiction, with 2 more coming soon.

Currently, I am Creative Director, Head of Television at Time Inc.(UK) in London.

Served as an expert DR1, TV2, TV2News, DR2 on crime, human rights and media.

Teaching, lecturing and public speaking have been a big part of my work life for the last decade.